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This video shows just SOME of the Indiana State Mandates, as well as clips from cultural diversity units that are covered in our new Mandate Training with Built-in Cultural Diversity. Note: This video is merely intended to provide viewers with a taste of our training style and therefore does not cover all mandates or cultural diversity information provided in the actual training.

Certified Instructors: BJ Moyars & Sooyeon Shin

Law enforcement background • Fluent in Mandarin & Korean  • Investigation Assistance

Primary Instructor Bio:  A native Hoosier, BJ earned a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from Purdue and spent several years as a resident of Beijing, China. He is now the President of the International Center’s Board of Directors in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the  owner of Moyars Consulting, LLC, where he frequently aids law enforcement agencies in situations involving foreign nationals. Having previously worked as a police officer, he recognizes the growing international population across the country will present new challenges to law enforcement. From his experience abroad, he noticed distinct cultural differences in relation to mandated training areas and investigation techniques. This course is designed specifically to help police prepare for those challenges in a way that also fulfills the mandated annual training requirements.

Our Services

  • State Mandates Training with Cultural Diversity

In these times of public scrutiny of police tactics involving diverse individuals, you need to show you’ve completed some form of cultural awareness training. This doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds!

The focus of our training addresses challenges faced with the growing international population within our country. Our training prepares officers on how to deal with foreign nationals and diverse individuals in a public friendly manner while giving them the tools they need to deal with a unique criminal element.

Up to 4 ILETB certified hours covering all mandates except PT, EVO, NIMS, and Firearms

  • Ongoing Police & Prosecutor Investigative Assistance

Don’t drop (or lose) a case with a Chinese suspect because of incomplete or unclear evidence.

• Our mandate training covers specific investigation tactics and social media platforms that are night and day different from investigations involving Americans.
• Having a Mandarin-speaking American with a law enforcement background interpret social media, examine phone evidence and assist with interviews ensures that the new evidence generated adds value to your investigations.

Services include, but are not limited to:
– In the Field Assistance with Korean and Mandarin-Speaking Victims & Suspects
– Korean and Mandarin assistance notifying Consulates, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, etc.
– Assistance During Interviews and General Investigation Work
– Phone & Asian Social Media Evidence
– Courtroom Testimony

(Prices reasonable but amount dependent on services needed)

We’ve had experiences with other mandate trainings that technically covered everything, but more or less just fulfilled the requirement. Your class was different in that it seemed like all the focus was put on presenting the mandates in a way that my officers can actually implement and get some good use out of. We were all surprised at the amount of detailed info and ideas you presented that we had never received in training before. Makes me wonder what you’ll have for us next year!
Chief Dennis Rice
Fowler Police Dept. and Indiana’s Longest Serving Sheriff (fmr)
The instructors made dry material interesting... I very much enjoyed the cultural diversity concerning our Asian citizens. I also liked that you incorporated our city into the training... I'd recommend it because I thought it was effective and liked the different approach compared to past state mandate training.
Survey Responses
from 2017 Law Enforcement Mandate Training
I would recommend this class because the information was not only more informative than other cultural diversity training I have had, but the videos, PowerPoint presentation, and method used were entertaining and kept my interest the whole time.
Survey Response
from Cultural Diversity Training (Law Enforcement)

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