Views from the early days in Beijing

BJ Moyars

China doesn't ship all of the kitchen gadgets they make to America.

BJ Moyars

Asia doesn't always accommodate tall Americans.

BJ Moyars

It's December - the Forbidden City is NOT heated - why am I here?

Benjamin “BJ” Moyars is the owner of Moyars Consulting, LLC, an international firm that consults with U.S. business & government agencies to develop China trade & also specializes in Cultural Commentary & Training for law enforcement, plus retail, health, hospitality & language associations.

BJ earned a degree in Asian Studies from Purdue University in 2011 after taking 4 years off to study and travel around China. While based in Beijing, he chose to live in a Chinese neighborhood and network with locals, rather than attaching himself to the ex-pat community. He earned a certificate from Tsinghua University at Beijing for a Mandarin Chinese language course and also earned a chef’s certificate from Beijing JinSong Vocational Culinary School.


At Beijing Jing-Song, he was the first American to be accepted as a student and attended two years as a language immersion tool, which helped lead to his fluency in Mandarin. While learning the language and how to prepare classic Chinese dishes, he also learned that TV cooking shows don’t lie: chefs really can be mean people.

Through constant contact with Chinese friends, teachers, and people on the streets, BJ earned access to the Chinese way of life and now shares that knowledge to facilitate cultural understanding.

He is currently based in Indiana and travels wherever the job takes him. 

Where's BJ?

Top 10 Under 40 Young Professionals!

BJ was recently recognized by the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Indiana as one of the “Top 10 Under 40 Young Professionals” for his community involvement that primarily focuses on cultural diversity and growing communities through the arts.

Celebrating with Sheila Klinker, a member of the Indiana House of Representatives!

Celebrating with Sheila Klinker, a member of the Indiana House of Representatives!

       Sooyeon (aka “Soo”) comes to Moyars Consulting, LLC as an Engagement Director after six years of financial professional roles in healthcare, IT, and bank industry. She graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana with Accounting & Finance background. Born and raised in South Korea, she first experienced a diverse community in Virginia at the age of 13 and totally enjoyed it, rather than let it shock her. Although it was a challenge to go through language and cultural barriers, she learned a lot about communication and social skills and uses what she learned to become a better community member. 
       Soo currently serves as Board Treasurer at the International Center of West Lafayette and is involved with community festivals that primarily focuses on cultural diversity. She’s a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Notary Public for the State of Indiana. She is interested in learning different cultures, languages, cuisines, and social behavior and likes to play the piano and violin with animals who appreciate music.