Moyars Consulting, LLC specializes in assisting with delegations from China and/or accompanying a US delegation overseas. We offer cultural, trade, and language assistance that pertains to the needs of U.S. businesses managing cultural, trade or manufacturing collaborations with mainland China.

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Delegation Management

We’ll handle every detail of your visiting delegations stay to make sure your guests have their every need attended to. Going to China? Whether at work or play, bring us along to help guide you through your day so you’ll ALWAYS know what’s going on.

ISO9001 Auditing Services

Have an audit coming up or are experiencing quality issues? Want to know what’s really going on over there? We’ll stop by your partner’s location to help ensure the quality standards you worked so hard to develop are being maintained.

Relationship Development and Maintenance

After we’ve helped you research a potential partner, let us help you maintain a productive working relationship.

Cultural Consulting

Cultural Consulting Let us help prepare you for what to expect on your trip overseas, or have us train your employees on how to make your visiting guests feel welcome and respected. From exchanging business cards, to selecting the perfect gift, we’ll make sure you impress your Chinese partners.

Event Organizing

Whether your goal is to impress your Chinese partners by showing them a great time doing something they’re interested in doing, or rallying your entire group together for a memorable farewell dinner in Beijing, leave the details to us.

BJ's appreciation for local concerns about venturing into China, combined with his understanding of Asian business culture, makes him a crucial talent for our overseas ventures. Whether speaking to your community locally or on behalf of your community globally, I would trust BJ to manage any community's international initiatives in Asia. BJ's complete fluency in Mandarin (and often entertaining mastery of Chinese business culture) has added both value and clarity to our sister-city relationship. He somehow manages to balance both Western expectations and Eastern business etiquette smoothly so that goals are achieved by both countries and unpleasant surprises are avoided. This has resulted in The City of Kokomo building genuine connections with our overseas counterparts that keep the lines of communication open. If you’re a community leader or someone doing business in China, BJ is the person you need by your side.
Mayor Greg Goodnight
City of Kokomo, Indiana

Why Moyars Consulting?

After coming back home from living in Beijing, through word of mouth BJ Moyars found himself being contacted by companies needing assistance with their joint ventures in China and found that he enjoyed this career path. He first helped an Indiana company sort out the details needed to smooth progress in establishing a manufacturing plant in southern China, and also found himself sought out for various translation jobs from business and law enforcement, for explanation of cultural differences, and for help in resolving problems for local Chinese individuals. During this time he realized that companies doing business in China also needed help with quality control issues, since a well-maintained quality management system is key to the success of such ventures. To round out the translation and cultural services he already offered, BJ completed 2008: ISO9001 Lead Auditor training, providing him the ability to ensure clients that quality control systems put into place in China were indeed being followed.

BJ employs translators and advisors in both the U.S. and China to assist in whatever job presents itself. His unique ability to form networks in both countries is key to his success in providing clients with a quality solution to their individual situations. He believes that establishing and maintaining relationships from the start is much more efficient and cost-effective in any joint venture.

He encourages businesses to contact him for a free consultation on how he can make a U.S.-China joint venture a success, not a nightmare. Contact us Today!