As the director of an American Confucius Institute and founder of the Chinese Language Association of Michigan and the Michigan China Quiz Bowl, I have been truly fortunate to hire Benjamin Moyars on several occasions. Since 2010, he has provided his services as a keynote speaker, a consultant on Chinese culture ‎and language learning, an emcee and an actor in some of our language learning videos. Mr. Moyars possesses a rare level of fluency in Mandarin . In fact, many of my Chinese friends and colleagues have ‎stated that he speaks Chinese far better and much more naturally than any non-native speaker they have ever met. Perhaps as rare and impressive as his language ability and deep understanding of Chinese culture is his talent for serious as well as comedic public speaking. His intertwining of thought provoking ideas with humorous anecdotes is sure to keep any audience captivated and laughing long after Mr. Moyars has bid everyone "zai jian".
Dr. John Brender, Ph.D.
Director, Confucius Institute, Wayne State University
我认识莫亚杰先生是在2011年11月韦恩州立大学孔子学院举办的第四届“密西根州中文协会”年会上。莫亚杰先生作为韦恩孔院特邀的主题发言嘉宾,在会上做了题为“在北京烹饪学校学习中文:从熟练烹饪到流利口语” 的主题发言。他的报告角度新颖、生动有趣又发人深省,深受与会者欢迎,给我留下极为深刻的印象。自2011年起,他每年驱车从印第安纳来到底特律,义务参加我们的各类大型活动。曾连续七年参加“密西根中文协会”年会并做报告,与参会教师分享如何更好地学习中文和中国文化;连续五年担任“密西根中文竞赛” 决赛评委并于2015年受邀担任“第八届汉语桥世界中学生中文比赛美国中西部地区预选赛” 评委。在所有活动中,莫亚杰先生展现出的流利地道和切换自如的中英文语言能力、良好的跨文化交流沟通能力、及时处理解决问题的能力和义务奉献及团队协作能力,无一不令人由衷赞叹!
Dr. Li Liang, Ph.D.
Former Vice Director, Confucius Institute, Wayne State University
What I liked best about this class was the information I took from it. I am now able to apply what I learned about how to talk with International students and build a personal connection a lot easier with them while I am on a showing with them!
Survey Response
from Cultural Diversity Training (Property Management Company)
We’ve had experiences with other mandate trainings that technically covered everything, but more or less just fulfilled the requirement. Your class was different in that it seemed like all the focus was put on presenting the mandates in a way that my officers can actually implement and get some good use out of. We were all surprised at the amount of detailed info and ideas you presented that we had never received in training before. Makes me wonder what you’ll have for us next year!
Chief Dennis Rice
Fowler Police Dept. and Indiana’s Longest Serving Sheriff (fmr)
The instructors made dry material interesting... I very much enjoyed the cultural diversity concerning our Asian citizens. I also liked that you incorporated our city into the training... I'd recommend it because I thought it was effective and liked the different approach compared to past state mandate training.
Survey Responses
from 2017 Law Enforcement Mandate Training
I would recommend this class because the information was not only more informative than other cultural diversity training I have had, but the videos, PowerPoint presentation, and method used were entertaining and kept my interest the whole time.
Survey Response
from Cultural Diversity Training (Law Enforcement)
BJ's appreciation for local concerns about venturing into China, combined with his understanding of Asian business culture, makes him a crucial talent for our overseas ventures. Whether speaking to your community locally or on behalf of your community globally, I would trust BJ to manage any community's international initiatives in Asia. BJ's complete fluency in Mandarin (and often entertaining mastery of Chinese business culture) has added both value and clarity to our sister-city relationship. He somehow manages to balance both Western expectations and Eastern business etiquette smoothly so that goals are achieved by both countries and unpleasant surprises are avoided. This has resulted in The City of Kokomo building genuine connections with our overseas counterparts that keep the lines of communication open. If you’re a community leader or someone doing business in China, BJ is the person you need by your side.
Mayor Greg Goodnight
City of Kokomo, Indiana

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